Engineering and Robotics students partner with local industry leaders


Engineering and Robotics students learn from industry leaders.

Sydney Crews

The Engineering and Robotics Class had a very busy morning on Wednesday, May 10 when they participated in the first annual résumé workshop with the help of West Pharmaceuticals. The class has been working on a 10-step résumé toolkit for two weeks after finishing their NOCTI testing. Instructor Elizabeth Manetta felt it was imperative to give students an idea of the process to attain a job in their respective field.

“Having the students learn from industry partners gives them a new perspective from what they learned in class, whether it’s the manufacturing process, or making a resume or attaining a job. Working on career skills such as resume writing or interviewing is important to students,” said Manetta.

The students spent the two weeks prior to West Pharmasucticals coming in making their own résumés and tailoring them to their specific work experience, skill sets, and professional summaries. They then brought their résumés to the workshop as a “rough draft,” and the West Pharmaceuticals team advised them on specific aspects of their résumé upon which they could improve. The West Company team included a group of engineers, human resource representatives, and executive leaders.

Students were thrilled to learn more about the application process and real-world scenarios. Level 3 student and senior Holden Furey was engaged in conversation throughout the workshop and used the feedback from the West Company team. “I thought it was very insightful, and it gave me a touch of the real world.” Another Level 3 student and senior, Abigail Carson, agreed with Holden, “It was useful to know for the future.”

Next week, the Engineering and Robotics class begins preparing for interviews. Students will attend mock interviews on May 25 where the West Pharmaceuticals team and a First Quality team will interview students. Students will bring their finalized résumés, tailored to a specific job, and dress professionally for the interviews.