Seniors go “Over the Edge”


Alexandria Chilson (front) and Sydney Kelley (back) celebrate with friends.

Sydney Crews, editor

The Williamsport Area Education Foundation kicked off its fundraising campaign with the thrilling “Over the Edge” event. Williamsport students, alumni, and community members rappelled from the William Hepburn Highrise in hope of raising more than $75,000 to support The WASD Education Foundation, the YWCA of Northcentral, PA, and the River Valley Regional YMCA. Those representing Williamsport Area School District collectively raised $13,876! 

Participants made donations to the Education Foundation for the opportunity to rappel down the side of the building.

Multiple students from Williamsport Area High School were voted to go over the edge by their peers. Interested students volunteered for the event; then their Class Executive Board voted for the nominees using an Instagram poll. Student volunteers were funded through the Dr. Frederic Stanford Class of 1958 Scholarship fund. Student participators were Leila Robertson, Alexandria Chilson, and Sydney Kelley.  

Senior Laila Robertson was one of the students elected to participate in the once-a-lifetime opportunity to rappel from a building. “I decided to participate because I wanted to do it for my school and the thrill! I was happy to be voted by my peers because only three of us could go “Over the Edge!” 

Senior Sydney Kelley also participated. Sydney raised her own money required to participate. “It was a great opportunity to participate and donate to a good cause.”

“Not going to lie,” Alexandria Chilson said when asked about the experience, “It feels much higher from up there than it looks from the ground! But I’m glad I did it.”

Chilson rappels down the building.