Bonfire generates excitement for Homecoming game


from left: Sophia Crews, Klair Fausnaught, Leila Robertson, Alexandria Chilson, Sydney Crews, and Brynne Broaddus

Evan, Beiter

The annual bonfire happened this year on October 6. The bonfire is held in C-lot on the Thursday night before the Homecoming game to generate spirit and excitement for the big game on Friday. Students from all grades come together to talk to their friends, take pictures, share speeches, and just have a good time.  

The senior class collaborates with SGA to plan Homecoming Week events. The Executive Board is responsible for planning and organizing the evening’s activities for the bonfire.  

Brynn Broaddus, Class of 2023 president ,and Landon Allmarus, Mr. Millionaire, were instrumental in this year’s planning. Brynn and Landon were both ecstatic about this year’s event. “When I moved to Williamsport, I never expected to feel any connection with the town or school. However, when I moved here, I found nothing but love and acceptance,” Brynn explained. “Getting to represent my grade and the senior class is the biggest honor. The bonfire was such a great first event to plan because it’s all about school spirit and bringing everyone together!” 

Mr. Millionaire is the face of the student body and someone everyone looks forward to seeing at the Bonfire. This year the senior class tasked Landon with generating school spirit and participation among students at events.  

When asked about the success of the bonfire, Allmarus said, “I felt pretty good about it. There were a good amount of people there, and everybody came for a good time. Socializing and getting hype about the homecoming game was the best part.” Allmarus was moved by the student support. “Hearing the students cheer for me was an amazing experience.” I was very excited about the bonfire the whole week, and wearing that suit was an unreal experience for me.”