Homecoming brings lots of school spirit


from left: Brynne Broaddus, Sydney Crews, Alexandria Chilson, Leila Robertson, Sophia Crews, and Klair Fausnaught

Evan Beiter

Homecoming is always an exciting time of the year. The Homecoming excitement kicked off the first week of October. In celebration, SGA coordinated a spirit week for students and staff. On Monday, everyone wore their favorite team apparel. As the days continued, the hallways were filled with tie-dye colors, white shirts with handwritten lies, matching shirts for twin day, and finally ended with preparation for the pep rally by the four classes wearing cherry, white, and black. By Friday, students and faculty alike were excited for the night’s upcoming festivities. 

Kick off for the much-anticipated homecoming football game was at 7:00 pm under the Friday night lights. Students came rolling in dressed in their best all-black attire. Eye black and black glitter lit up the center of the home stands, with Mr. Millionaire leading the chants. At half time, with the Williamsport Millionaires in the lead, the homecoming court took the field. Eagerness buzzed through the crowd as the twelve nominees stood facing the home stands, waiting for Mr. Bassett to announce the winners.  

The 2022 Homecoming Queen and King were proudly announced as Sophia Crews and Michael Harry. The stands came alive with Millionaire spirit. When asked how she felt about winning, Sophia Crews said, “I felt really good. I was so excited. I was ecstatic that people voted for me; it made me feel very loved.” 

Sophia’s counterpart, Michael Harry, said, “It was a great honor to be selected to represent my school.” 

The magic of the evening continued into the second half of the game, as the Millionaires added to their lead and won the game convincingly with a score of 38-7.

Homecoming court poses with student section. Shown from left are: Klair Fausnaught, Zake Lake, Brynne Broaddus, Jackson Fink, Alexandria Chilson, Alex Holcomb, Leila Robertson, Ethan Holcomb, Sophia Crews, Michael Harry, and Sydney Crews. [Missing from photo: football player Josh Lake.]