Music students head to Disney for spring break

WAHS choir students perform at Disney Springs (photo provided by chaperone)

WAHS choir students perform at Disney Springs (photo provided by chaperone)

Sydney Crews

Choir, orchestra, and band students had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, Florida over spring break this year. Students have been planning this trip for two years.  The advisors organized several fundraising opportunities to help students to offset some of the costs of the trip. Originally, the group planned to fly to Florida, but because of increasing airfare costs, the decision was made to take charter busses instead.

The orchestra performed at Disney Springs during the trip. “It was a great experience,” sophomore Jolyce Snyder said. “It’s really hot there, though. Even though we performed in the morning, it was so hot in the long black dresses.”

The students had several days to visit the parks, too. The Avatar ride at Animal Kingdom was a highlight for both Snyder and Emily Kime. “The ride wasn’t like others,” Kime explained. “You sat in a little car but didn’t really go anywhere. You wore 3-D glasses and everything was on a screen, but it felt like you were transported to another world.”

Kime also waited over two hours for the Star Wars ride. “It was a long wait, but it was worth it,” she recalled.

Choir member Riley Terrano said, “Taking a trip with my friends to explore the parks and perform for people was an amazing experience and definitely something that I won’t forget!”

“To be a part of a performance in Disney Springs was awesome. People would just stop by to watch us,” senior Landon Allmaras said. “They could have been from anywhere in the world.”

from left: Allmaras, Jack Compton, Thomas Takach, and Angelo Casas