Mrs. Moore’s English 12 classes aim to bring awareness to recycling


Syerra Castro, Amarie Dickel, and Ryan Griffin work on bulletin board displaying their research findings.

Sydney Crews

Students in Mrs. Moore’s English class are putting their learning on display for the school to see. They are working on a project based on a book they just finished reading called Trashed by John Derf Backderf.

“The book was about a kid named J.B. who dropped out of college, and after living at home all summer, his mom finally told him to get a job,” explained Madison Garvy.

“He got a job as a trash collector. He hated the smell, and quickly learned this the job was hard work,” Lucas Gross added.

“He also realized there was so much waste going into landfills, so he started looking into recycling,” Garvy explained.

The students’ assignment was to research both local and national restaurant franchises about their trash and recycling practices. Then they had to make a bulletin board in the upstairs HUB to display their research findings.