AP exams begin


from left:m Eleanor Macdonald, Claire Murafka, and Ella Adkins.

Alexandria Chilson

Advanced Placement exams began this week.  Students enrolled in AP courses have the option of taking an exam at the end of the course. If they earn a score of 3 (out of 5) or higher, they may be able to use their passing score to earn a college credit for a similar course.

The high school offers 17 AP courses. Students make take AP courses beginning their sophomore year.

AP Government is usually the first exam scheduled during the testing window. Most sophomores who take an AP class their 1oth grade year take the AP Government.

This year, some students decided to dress up in their favorite Americana garb for the exam. Some students wore red, white, and blue. Some students came dressed as a famous person from U.S. history.

“We even sang the national anthem as we walked to C-large for our test,” explained Macdonald.

The students felt confident about their performance on the exam, and attributed some of it to their spirited dress. “I think it really helped get us excited for the test,” said Ellie Macdonald.

“I think it went well. It seemed pretty easy,” said Claire Murafka.

There are a few sophomores each year who take the AP Calc test as well. This year Chelsey Harrison, Emily McAnelly, and Jaidyn Ulmer sat for the Calc AB exam.

“We felt like the multiple choice questions were pretty easy,” Harrison said.

“Some of the open-ended questions were really hard,”McAnelly reported. “Mr. Yevics told us some of them would be hard, but for a couple of them, we had no idea what to do. All the [open-ended] questions weren’t like that, though,” McAnelly added. “Some of them were really easy.”

McAnelly plans to take AP Statistics and AP Literature next year. Harrison will also take AP Lit next year and AP Psychology, too.