Welcome Back, Fall Pep Rally

Sophia Crews, author

Want to put a little pep in your step that screams school spirit? Well, the pep rally is the perfect place for you. On October 7, the SGA club hosted the first pep rally in two years! It was filled with amazing performances from our Marching Millionaires, color guard, and cheerleading squad, as well as fun games including bobbing for apples, racing to wrap up the teacher, and teach the teacher a TikTok dance. The team of Mr. Habalar and Jabril Ali won the bobbing for apples game. Dr. Flint won the TikTok dance competition under Cyn-cere Coney’s instruction; and Jolecia Walker was the fastest to wrap her teacher, Mr. Radspinner, in crepe paper. 

This is a very special pep rally since it’s the first in years. SGA has recently come under the advisory of tenth grade English teacher Mrs. Amber Heggenstaller who has worked at WAHS for nine years. When asked how she felt about her first pep rally, she answered “It was amazing. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to organize a pep rally with SGA. It was so much fun and a little stressful, but I loved every second of it.”  

SGA members Amayah Sweeting and Drejuana Zayas were the MC’s of the pep rally. They did an amazing job getting the crowd hype along with Mr.Millionaire himself, Landon Allmaras. When asked about her favorite part of hosting the pep rally, senior Amayah Sweeting said, “Knowing that I was able to get everybody to come together and cheer, whether it was as a grade level or whole school. It amazed me how hype the crowd was.”