Zen Brosan advances to state competition in graphic design competition


Zen Brosan (left) and Cy Hodges entered submissions as part of an assignment in Mr. Miller’s graphic design class.

Sophia Crews

Mr. Miller’s graphic design students recently competed in the BLaST IU17 Media and Design Competition.

“We had to create a digital logo for the PA Media and Design Competition,” sophomore Zen Brosan explained. Brosan was the winner of the “Regional High School Logo” division. “Honestly, I thought Lily [Waltz] was going to win. I thought her design was great; it was really clean.”

The winners were announced during a live streamed event, and Mr. Miller had his students watch it during class. “I actually started crying when they announced the winners,” Brosan recalled. “I was so surprised to hear my name.”

Brosan’s winning design will be entered in the state competition next.  The winner will be announced at an event at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA on May 23. This day will feature workshops that students will attend in the morning, followed by lunch and an awards ceremony. The first place winner will receive a $150 prize.

Brosan and runner up Cy Hodges will both attend the event. “I am not exactly sure of what all they’ll have for us to do that day,” Hodges explained, “but I’m sure it will be fun.”